My artwork can be split up into two very different exhibitions – one light and one dark.

Photo-Cubism was my gateway into the art scene, and exploring new, unique and interesting ways to display photography and combining it with other art forms is the focus of my 'Photography & Innovation' exhibition. Alongside the Photo-Cubism are Photomosaics, my puzzle – the Cubist Rube, my travelogue photo book, and my Deck of Cards displayed in full in 8x10 prints.

Having known for some time that my Electri-Cities are viewed at their best in the dark, I built an exhibition around that premise – one where the gallery lighting is left off and any windows are blacked out. The only light in the ‘Dark Arts’ exhibition to see by comes from the work itself. As well as the Electri-City tables on show are Electri-City Planetoids, EL-Wire sculptures, Nightmaps and various projections – a slideshow of light painting and Electri-City photography, and films made of the Electri-Cities.